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About the northman

Behind the scenes!

behind the scenes

About The Northman

When I started my apprenticeship in Germany many, many years back, I was told “you don´t need to travel and explore”, but meeting my wife, who could have thought that I would end up doing everything people didn´t consider necessary! I traveled the world, expanded my knowledge, studied, worked with different cultures all over the world and finally settled with my family in South Africa where I belong.

I am fortunate to have chosen to travel down paths less traveled by others and that made all the difference.

The Face behind the northman

Meet Michael Wagenaar

A loving and committed father with an extraordinary moral compass, who chose not only to be be a trained and skilled electrician but also holds a degree in electrical engineering next to other qualifications to provide the best job he possibly can.

The dream!

We believe in hard work and dedication!

No matter if domestic, commercial, industrial or solar related assignments – We put a lot of effort into our quotes, always having the best, safest and most cost efficient solution in mind. We are here to make a difference and take pride it shows in our work ethic.

We love people!

You as a customer count! No matter if the job you need us to take care of is rather small or big, we are there to help.

We work hard!

Time is precious to all of us. We believe in being punctual and do our utmost to value your time!

We are dedicated!

Experience and therefore knowledge is important and we believe in passing it on to the next generation.

We are passionate!

We walk the extra mile when it comes to perfecting the job. Our aim is to put a smile on our customers faces and for them to feel good and safe about the job delivered.


If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

– Zig Ziglar

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